Ofsted Report

The most recent Ofsted report for our Walthamstow nursery took place on the 26th of May 2015.

Staff consistently make regular observations of their key children during play. They assess children in all areas of learning and identify the steps to help move children on to the next stage. In addition, staff plan activities that are linked to children’s interests and set up smaller group activities to meet the individual learning needs of all children. Consequently, children enjoy their play and are making good progress.

Babies’ and children’s language skills are developing well. This is because staff use effective strategies such as repetition of words, asking questions to extend children’s language, and using visual clues to support children who are learning to speak English.They are acquiring the skills they need for their move to school. Children’s understanding of the world is good overall as staff encourage them to investigate natural materials, use information technology and learn about diversity.

Key persons work closely with parents to put in place settling arrangements tailored to meet children’s specific needs. Consequently, new children settle well and part easily from their parents. Staff are now consistent in their approach to managing children’s behaviour, thus ensuring children understand why certain behaviour is not acceptable.

Children benefit immensely from the nutritious meals they receive on a daily basis. Babies and toddlers are gaining physical skills appropriate for their development.

The staff have attended up to date training and are secure in their knowledge of child protection issues and how to proceed if they have any concerns about a child. Also, the managers have put effective systems in place to monitor the quality of teaching across the nursery, so that weaknesses are quickly identified and intercepted and good practice is shared. The manager has put plans in place to develop links with schools, to help with children’s move to school.

We are delighted with our new Ofsted Grade and have now sets our sights on achieving an Outstanding at our next inspection.

If you would like to see a full copy of the report please click here.